Event Planner or Nah?

This is the question that is so important but often overlooked. I have had many people ask me this question so I decided to share my thoughts.

Often times, many clients and promoters approach me to plan an event. They have no idea, no vision, no nothing.

This post should help to clarify some of the common misconceptions about event planners, who we are, and why we may not be as unnecessary as you think.

So why have an event planner? For starters..

Planners help to materialize the vision of your event without overstepping the boundaries of your budget.

Planners are trained to itemize all aspects of your event and prioritize what is most important. When planning an event, the client may only think about one or two major aspects that appeal the most to them, which usually leaves small yet important details unaddressed.

For example, in Antigua, I have noticed that most clients place their emphasis on entertainment, but usually much is lacking. What happened to well laid out food and drink areas, an easy flow through security checkpoint, professional decor, relaxed lounge areas and reliable bathrooms?

All these contribute to a great patron experience. These things may seem frivolous but a planner will help to highlight these key areas to ensure a high quality experience. The worst thing that could happen is that too much emphasis be placed on a specific area and little or none at all on another. The entire event must be synchronized.

Most clients also are usually set on having a particular item at their event, e.g. a particular type of flower or decor concept, which does not necessarily fit into their budget.

Planners help to suggest alternative ideas and concepts that will help you to have the type of event you desire without breaking the bank. Even small decisions can lead to big savings when you have a planner who knows what they're doing.

Planners make sure that the entire creative process remains stress-free.

I'm sure that most if not all of you are familiar with the term 'bridezilla'. When planning an event, especially a wedding, things can go from 0 to 100 very quickly. It is very easy to become overwhelmed with details and logistics, especially when a deadline is breathing down your neck, and that is when mistakes usually tend to happen.

At times, the pressure gets so intense, that some may consider cancelling the even altogether. This is where the the event planner is so indispensable.

Most DIY brides usually do not get to spend much time with their partner leading up to the big day, which robs them of the joy of the bridal experience. When this happens, the bride tends to not be a guest at her own wedding.

Having a planner allows you to relax and focus on the more personal and sentimental aspects of your event. The planner is the one that should worry about vases being angled properly, vendors arriving on time, or the DJ cueing the music before everyone enters - not you. Whether you're having a party, or corporate event or wedding, make sure that you have a planner. Even if it's a small-scale event that does not really require a professional event planner, having a friend or trustworthy associate to help you plan and coordinate details is always a good idea.

Planners are more likely to get you vendor discounts.

Everybody loves a discount. And when it comes to planning an event, saving a few dollars here and there can go a long way. But without a planner, most times you're just a regular first-time buyer. That means that the vendor has no previous business relationship with you and is going to charge you regular price. This is the part where some people start to haggle.

Most times, the vendors will say no.

But with a planner, you get to benefit from an established business relationships with local vendors that will guarantee you good prices and the best quality possible - and sometimes even a little extra. A planner who has done repeat business with a certain vendor is more likely to get a discount than a couple doing business for the first time. Aside from the discounts, planners know exactly which vendor is best suited for each aspect of an event. Some vendors are a one-stop shop...... whereas some are only suited for one thing.

Yes it may be a bit more expensive to hire a planner than to do everything by yourself, but at the end of the day you're not just paying for a planner - you're paying for peace of mind, quality, value and a great experience.

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